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Past  events

2022.Nov.29-Dec.01 - 2nd International Students Conference on Medical Geology and Environmental Health-Africa Edition (ISCMGEH-Africa)

Get abstract book here

2022.Oct.26 - International online conference on Presence and Levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Water at Mexico - Invited speaker Dr. Beatriz Rocha-GutierrezClaiz

(pending video)

2022.Jun.21-24 - 8th Theorical-Practical International Workshop for the Handling of Victims of HazMat and Bioterrorism

Conferences will be shared soon with subtitles.

2022.Jun.15 - Geoseminar: Focus of Hydrochemistry Studies in Medical Geology - Invited speaker Dr. Elena Giménez Forcada (conference in spanish)

2022.Mar.09 - International online conference on The Challenges of Chronic and Delayed Disasters - Invited speaker Dr. Claire Horwell

2022.Feb.04 - International online conference on Human Risks from soil cadmium through rice and tobacco - Invited speaker Dr. Rufus L. Chaney

2021.Dec.17 - International online conference on Sleeping volcanoes, awakening health issues - Invited speaker Dr. Patricia Ventura Garcia

2021.Nov.17- International conference on Bischofite - Invited speaker Dr. Anastasia Slovenia

After her conference, Dr. Slovenia wishes to share her presentation with our scientific community.

Presentation in pdf: Bischofite- 17 Nov 2021 – Dr Anastasis Zlobina

2021.Nov.01 - Conference in Spanish: GeoSeminario Geología Médica, con el Dr. José Centeno y la colaboración del Dr. Héctor Rubio