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2023. May.10 - International online conference on combating neonatal, maternal and child deaths from ionising radiation exposure around gold and uranium mines in Sud-Saharan Africa: A Medical Geology perspective - Invited speaker Dr. Theo C. Davies

The exposure of pregnant women to ionizing radiation in Sub-Saharan Africa has long been a source of concern, and many questions related to this problem still remain unanswered. There is an urgent need to study the incidence of neonatal, maternal and child deaths in areas of the Sub-Continent with high exposure to ionizing radiation exposure due to mining. It has been known that there is a high percentage of neonatal deaths due to fetal abnormalities or congenital malformations from ionizing radiation exposure in major uranium and gold mining countries where good morbidity estimates exist, e.g., South Africa.  In this seminar, we hope to demonstrate unequivocally that the inclusion of Medical Geologists in teams investigating the effects of ionizing radiation exposure on pregnancy outcomes (neonatal and child radiation-related morbidity and mortality) in major uranium and gold mining countries in Sub-South Africa can lead to much improved prognosis, diagnoses and therapy, as well as prevention and other forms of intervention, such as legal, for these conditions.

2023. Mar.28 - International online conference on Impacts of microplastics pollution on the ecosystems - Invited speaker Dr. Sharma



2023.Feb.22 - International online conference on Integrating QGIS with other GIS software and Tools to Address Drinking Water Quality Challenges in Naturally Contaminated Aquifer Systems - Invited speakers Prof. Prosun Bhattacharya & Dr. Julian Ijumulana




2022.Nov.29-Dec.01 - 2nd International Students Conference on Medical Geology and Environmental Health-Africa Edition (ISCMGEH-Africa)

Get abstract book here

2022.Oct.26 - International online conference on Presence and Levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Water at Mexico - Invited speaker Dr. Beatriz Rocha-GutierrezClaiz

(pending video)

2022.Jun.21-24 - 8th Theorical-Practical International Workshop for the Handling of Victims of HazMat and Bioterrorism

Full conferences available on Youtube as playlist

2022.Jun.15 - Geoseminar: Focus of Hydrochemistry Studies in Medical Geology - Invited speaker Dr. Elena Giménez Forcada (conference in spanish)

2022.Mar.09 - International online conference on The Challenges of Chronic and Delayed Disasters - Invited speaker Dr. Claire Horwell

2022.Feb.04 - International online conference on Human Risks from soil cadmium through rice and tobacco - Invited speaker Dr. Rufus L. Chaney


2021.Dec.17 - International online conference on Sleeping volcanoes, awakening health issues - Invited speaker Dr. Patricia Ventura Garcia

2021.Nov.17- International conference on Bischofite - Invited speaker Dr. Anastasia Slovenia

After her conference, Dr. Slovenia wishes to share her presentation with our scientific community.

Presentation in pdf: Bischofite- 17 Nov 2021 – Dr Anastasis Zlobina

2021.Nov.01 - Conference in Spanish: GeoSeminario Geología Médica, con el Dr. José Centeno y la colaboración del Dr. Héctor Rubio