Article 1. Background and Definitions

The International Environmental and Health Science Consortium (IEHSC) is a non-profit international group of scientists working on a diverse, multidisciplinary approach to environmental and public health issues, with emphasis on enhancing research, training and innovation in the areas of environmental health, toxicology, environmental and occupational epidemiology, earth sciences, agricultural and forestry sciences, as well as the emerging discipline of medical geology. IEHSC vision is to serve as the catalyst to address regional, national and international environmental health issues through the establishment of centers of excellence and programs on environmental sciences, public health and medical geology, and by encouraging and facilitating capacity building and innovative approaches to research. The Consortium works closely with national and international organizations, including the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA), by conducting studies in environmental and public health areas that traditionally these other organizations may not be able to address because of their mission and definition.
As a non-profit organization, the activities of the IEHSC are overseen, coordinated, and facilitated by a Managing Director (CEO), Secretary, and Treasurer.

Article 2. Membership Eligibility

Members of the International Environmental and Health Sciences Consortium (hereinafter Consortium or IEHSC) shall be classified as follows:

a. Member – a person whose professional activities or interests are in keeping with the
objectives of the Consortium.
b. Student Member – a student enrolled at least half-time in an institution of higher learning.
c. Institutional Affiliates – corporations, institutions of higher learning, or other organizations interested in fostering the science programs covered by the Consortium’s scientific research areas. Institutional Affiliates shall have the right to appoint a person as their designated representative. Such a person could also be a Member. Institutional Affiliates shall enjoy all the privileges of the Consortium except that they, or their representatives, shall not hold office or vote on the decisions of the Consortium. Notwithstanding any of the above limitations, a designated representative of an Institutional Affiliate who is also an individual Member, may continue to exercise his/her membership rights and privileges on his/her own behalf.

Article 3. Procedures for Election to Membership

Membership in the Consortium is by nomination and approval by the IEHSC Membership Council. The IEHSC Membership Council is composed of all approved members. New members are nominated based on their scientific area(s) of expertise, regional, national or international representation. Nominations packages will include a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and statement of research interest. Approved nominations will be informed of the decision by email, letter or telephone communication.

Article 4. Non-profit Status

a. As a non-profit organization, the Consortium activities are managed, supervised, coordinated and facilitated by a Managing Director, Secretary and Treasurer. Consortium activities are subjected to approval by the Consortium Membership Council.
b. As a non-profit organization, the Consortium will be able to accept donations, apply for research grants and contracts to support its research program, training, and student mentoring/teaching activities.

Article 5. Webmaster and Standing Committees

a. The IEHSC Membership Council shall appoint an Editor, who will be responsible for all official publications and presentations of the Consortium such as newsletters, webinars, and a Webmaster, who will be responsible for the website of the Consortium.
b. The IEHSC Membership Council shall have the authority to establish, direct, and dissolve Standing Committees whose purpose is to consider specific questions or conduct specific studies.
c. The appointment of committee Chairs shall be at the direction of the IEHSC Managing Director and approved by the IEHSC Membership Council.
d. The IEHSC Membership Council shall appoint the following Standing Committees:

i. Development and Outreach Committee – Promoting membership, collaborations, organizational/institutional interactions, and sponsorship of IEHSC science and research programs.
ii. Website and Portal Committee – Focusing on enhancing website/portal content and growing a robust and active online community.
iii. Conferences, Publications and Center’s Support Committee – Developing IEHSC support and participation at conferences, courses, workshops; managing IEHSC publications; and planning and coordinating the process of IEHSC participation and support for the establishment of Centers of Excellence.
iv. Funding and Sponsorship Committee – Identify potential research funding organizations/programs to support research conducted at Centers of Excellence, student/faculty internships, etc.

The Secretary shall send an email to the membership to prepare a list of those interested in participating in the committees.
e. All committee chairs shall prepare and submit an annual written report to the IEHSC Membership Council.
f. Each committee shall consist of the Chair and at least two members of the IEHSC.

Article 6. Business

The Membership Council shall appoint committees and arrange representation to other organizations; produce journals and/or special publications; organize short courses and symposia; conduct all initiatives in the interest of the IEHSC ; and prepare an annual report on the activities of the IEHSC.

Article 7. Professional Ethics

Members of the IEHSC are expected to maintain the highest level of professional ethics.

Article 8. Amendments

a. Amendments to these By-Laws may be proposed by the Managing Director and/or members of the IEHSC Membership Council.
b. Proposed amendments shall be discussed by the IEHSC Managing Director, who then shall submit such amendments to the IEHSC Membership Council and shall be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Members voting with a minimum of twenty (20) percent of the membership responding.