Current Projects

1. IEHSC members (Dr. Iskhak Farkhutdinov) participate in the creation of the UNESCO Global Geoparks in CIS-countries (expert support)

IEHSC members participate in research of the uranium content in the drinking water’s limescale in the junction zone of the Eastern European Platform and the Southern Urals, and conduct study of the impact of uranium content on public health (in the field of medical geology).

2. EHSC members promote geological knowledge by popular science blogs:  (71k followers)

3. IEHSC is participating in the development of an International Centre of Excellence in Medical Geology Research at Nasarawa State University of Keffi, Nigeria. This includes participation in attracting funding sources, choosing research priorities, curriculum development, and specific on-site and on-line capacity building tools in medical geology.

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4. IEHSC is developing and editing a special issue for the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH). The special issue entitled: “An Integrative Approach to Medical Geology and Environmental Health: Practical Applications and Challenges” is expected to be published by September 2023.
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5. In collaboration with the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA), IEHSC is developing a series of webinars to initiate discussion on the potential role of medical geologist in pandemics, especially COVID-19.


6. Developing lectures and workshops on medical geology to contribute to DUST2023 conference (the meeting of the international network of Geohealth Scientists (INGS) in Bari, Italy.


7. IEHSC in close collaboration with IMGA, SEGH, AGU-Geo Health Section in 2021 put together an international virtual platform for students (undergrads and postgrads) to showcase their research findings in environmental geochemistry and health, and medical geology. The First edition of the Conference held virtually on 18-20 October 2021 for the Latin Americas.  The student researchers examined the impacts of the environment from both natural and anthropogenic influences on human, animal, and plant health. The conference received institutional support from several International scientific and governmental organisations. The 2022 edition is being devoted to the Africa Continent.

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